Franchise Process Overview


COWBOY UP has worked diligently to make the barber franchise selection process as fast and as simple as possible. We set a processing goal – get qualified applicants through the process in 60 to 90 days. The preferred manner to start the franchise process is to submit your initial inquiry to JEFF@COWBOYUPCUTS.COM. This initial inquiry form allows our team to ensure area availability and to address any questions you may have before moving forward with the Official "COWBOY UP Request for Consideration Form". COWBOY UP offers a straightforward and streamlined path to ownership.

Our team will guide you through:

Initial Inquiry From The Potential Franchisee
Prequalification Conference Call With a COWBOY UP Franchise Team Member and The Potential Franchisee
If Potential Franchisee Qualifies, COWBOY UP sends an Official “COWBOY UP Request for Consideration Form
Review Process of the COWBOY UP Franchisee by the COWBOY UP Franchise Team
Initial Inquiry From The Potential Franchisee
COWBOY UP Franchise Process
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review
Franchise Administrative Process (Background & Credit Checks, etc.)
Franchisee Validation
COWBOY UP Franchise Agreement Signing
Franchisee Training Process


COWBOY UP is looking for ambitious individuals who are motivated to seek personal and financial growth with a unique concept in a growing industry. Along with the common characteristics of qualified franchisees, we also require a verifiable minimum financial threshold of $500K Net Worth.