What Happens Next?

If franchising and business ownership are new to you, then you've chosen the perfect franchise. One of our goals here at COWBOY UP is to build growth-oriented, mutually beneficial relationships with each and every franchisee that joins us. This franchise salon process begins with an exchange of information and an investigative process.


Our encounter experience enables us to develop a mutual relationship and to get to know one another. These experiences allow franchisees to observe the COWBOY UP franchise system from all aspects, while allowing us to learn about you and your personality, interests, and talents.

The encounter experience process consists of:

  • Step 1: Initial Conversation
  • Step 2: Introduction and an overview of COWBOY UP history, name, and brand.
  • Step 3: Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review
  • Step 4: Business Start-Up Review
    • Real Estate
    • Marketing
    • Operations
    • Technical Support
  • Step 5: Franchisee Validation Conference Call
  • Step 6: Franchise Agreement Signing